How to arrange your pets before a trip

未命名_meitu_1.jpgThe Sweetest Cat in the World

I used to have a variety of meaningful experiences in keeping pets before I came to Canada. Since I lived independently last year, I made a quick decision and I decided to buy a cat. I was so lucky that I adopted a Persian cat in a pet store in Scarborough and we gave him the name Samuel. Samuel officially came into my life on the fifth day of May, 2015 and I was worried about him the most when I was traveling.

Sam is my first adopted cat and I expected that I would have many challenges to take care of him. I am so lucky that he is easygoing with a good temper. He is so nice to everyone who comes to my house. More surprisingly, he is so clam during showers which is not normal for a cat so I am able to wash him on my own and save so much money because there is no need for me to take him outside for a shower. The staff of the pet store told me that Sam was abandoned by his first breeder as he had skin problems. Fortunately, he was brought back to the store and the staff was very kind so they spent so much in taking good care of Sam’s skin problem. And now Sam’s skin problem is completely cured and his fur looks so pretty. I just want to tell all of the pet owners that every life deserves respect and good care. Since Samuel is a perfect cat and he gives me so much happiness, he becomes a barrier for me in traveling as I need to arrange accommodation for him when I am not at home.

Several Feasible Arrangements for A Pet 

Firstly, you can just leave your pets at home if it is a short trip around 3 to 5 days but you need to prepare enough food and water for the whole trip and also arrange someone to actually go your home in every two days to take a look in making sure your pets are good. Secondly, if it is a long trip for a week or two, you can send your pets to someone who is reliable such as your family members or your friends. But the most important thing is that they need to have experiences in taking care of pets so that they know how to feed your pets. Lastly, I think that the best option for your pet is to send them to stay in a pet hotel so that they are able to receive the best care from professional people. I sent Sam once to a pet hotel for three days in Petsmart which I was satisfied with so much. The environment in the hotel was so good as every cat and dog had their private room and the breeder there would ask as much as detail about the pets for the sake of treating them more nicely during their stay. And the hotel also arranges a couple of activities for them daily to make them socialize with others. When your pets check out, the hotel will offer you a report for the stay in describing the details of the stay. So I received one and I was so happy to know that Sam was a party animal and he socialized very much with others. More importantly, the professional breeder in the hotel will provide you their advice on how to take care of them which is valuable for your pets.


Since I had pets during the first day, my parent told me that I should be fully responsible for their life in taking care of them. All the pet owners should treat their pets the same as their kids with much more patience and love. And that’s why Sam is always the most important person I worried about during a trip. As I had both experiences of having a cat and a dog, I would tell you a series of benefits to live with cat rather than a dog.

6 Benefits to Live with A Cat Rather Than A Dog


1. Not necessary to walk the cat on a daily basis

2. Spend less money on keeping a cat in terms of grooming and toys

3. No need to stay with a cat all the time; they are very independent

4. More easier to clean up a cat’s toilet

5. Cat normally won’t bite and doesn’t bark

6. Cat normally keeps itself nice and clean

Best moments to live with Sam


1. Sam sits at the back of the door when I arrive home

2. Sam sits next to the main door to say good bye when I leave home

3.  Sam sleeps beside me during the night

4. Sam lies beside me when I do my homework

5. Sam lies on my shoulder when I do some reading on the sofa

6. Sam comes to me when he needs something to eat


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