First Helicopter Experience @ Miami



Day 1 in Miami

Miami is such an amazing place to spend a week for vacation and it was my second time to come to Florida. I had high expectations in traveling to Miami after I had reserved a hotel in the Miami Beach area. I had a nice brunch near the South Beach and then I walked into the Art Deco visitor information center and a flyer caught my eyesight: Miami Helicopter tour. I had decided to give it a try right away and after that I had asked what the tour was all about although the tour was quite expensive. Then I took an Uber taxi to Opa-locka airport, which was more than 35 kilometers away from Miami Beach. Fortunately, the cheapest activities in Miami was going places by taking Uber. Please do not hesitate to choose Uber as your primary form of transportation in visiting the city as it sometimes is even cheaper than taking a bus. After the forty minutes of my Uber ride, I reached the airport which was pretty cool. The airport was quite big and the Miami Helicopter pad was only a small part of it. And the airport is also part of an American Airbase so I was are able to see a variety of military aircrafts, which was a bonus of the tour. I became so excited after I finished my check-in and the officer told me that since I had come so early I had to wait for another half an hour, which was fine for me. My experience tells me that you don’t need to be in the airport too early as the check-in process is simple and it only takes a few minutes.

I spent half an hour in the waiting room and had nothing to do as the regulations didn’t allow passengers to use any cell phones or tablets in the room. And the officer just walked back and forth to tell me to wait for another fifteen minutes. I saw the helicopter right there out of the room, but I was not able to board. Time ran fast and the moment the officer told us to be ready, I became very nervous and excited. I felt my heartbeat pounding and I prayed in both of my hands. It was so nice that the officer took a couple of pictures for us before we took off. When we walked closer to the helicopter, I could not hear anything except for the noise made by the turbulence created by the blades and we were asked to wear headphones for noise reduction with a microphone for ear protection and better communication with the pilots.

15-Minute Tour: An Amazing Experience

“Are you guys ready?” The pilot asked. I couldn’t recall his name but he did do an excellent job in both taking off and in landing. He even apologized to us that the helicopter would shake a bit due to the weather conditions but we did not feel as much turbulence as we took off, compared to the commercial airplanes we normally take. When our helicopter brought us closer to the beach area, the view was so amazing although it was very cloudy. I looked down to enjoy the beautiful scenery of coastlines and the boundless sea, with the hotels just built along the coastline and I was trying to find the one I was about to live in for the days to come. In the meantime, the pilot introduced us to a couple of famous buildings and historical sites and one of them I liked the most was the Jungle Island which I actually went to visit in a few days. The helicopter experience was totally different from experiences we normally have on a commercial plane. The feeling on a helicopter is incredible and it is extremely hard to explain. You may probably feel like you are flying as a bird rather than just staying in a huge aircraft. When the helicopter rose up to the sky, all of my worries for safety suddenly disappeared and you just couldn’t help capturing every moments of beautiful scenery.

The tour lasted only fifteen minutes but it cost me 150 US dollars; I felt it was really worth it. I felt the helicopter tour was one of the most must-do things in Miami beach. To be honest, I had been planning to have a helicopter tour on my upcoming birthday but I had my dream come true earlier in Miami which boasted the best beach in the world. I took many pictures and videos during the tour but I should have appreciated the amazing views and captured every moment in my mind instead. I am planning to have another helicopter tour in my upcoming birthday in either Toronto or Niagara Falls. You will be very glad to be on a helicopter tour to witness everything in the sky.


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