The Best Thing of Spending a Week Vacation @ Cancun


Spending a Week in Cancun

If you live in Canada and you are willing to have a beach vacation near Canada, there are three Caribbean countries which might be good options and they are Cuba, the Dominican, and Mexico. Since I watched a TV show in China which described tourism in Cancun, Mexico, I made my travel plans to be there for a week during the summer.

I discovered there were huge differences in price for the hotel between downtown, Cancun and the hotel zone and I had a strong desire to spend a few days in those theme parks. That’s why I booked a hotel in the downtown area for the first four nights and then I made reservations for a hotel in the hotel zone during the last three nights. And when I finished the trip, I felt this was a smart way to save money as I participated in three day trips which started from very early onward in the morning and ended quite late at night. I didn’t spend so much time in the hotel; therefore, it was great to book an economical hotel during my day trips. In the last three days, I didn’t make any plans and I preferred to stay in the hotel to enjoy the sunshine beside the beach which was one of the most amazing parts of my Cancun trip. Quite a lot of travelers may say that beautiful beaches always looks similar. But the beaches in Cancun are unique. They have a special atmosphere in the Caribbean countries which are different from many other cities by the sea.

Three-Day Trips: A Must Have


Chichen Itza and Tulum

The day trip to Chichen Itza and Tulum involved generally visiting the ruins of the Maya Civilization which is the first Seven Wonders in the world. The Chichen Itza historical site is the most amazing place to go in Cancun I guess as it has a bunch of magnificent pyramids. And I think this day trip is the most tiring one as you need to walk a lot under the sunshine and Cancun’s weather is extremely hot during the day so it is better to arrange it in the first day when you are still full of energy. Because both Chichen Itza and Tulum historical sites are located in wild areas, you must prepare lotion for skin protection and spray for mosquitos in preventing sunburn and bites.



Xcaret theme park is the most amazing park among all others I think as it is the biggest one and it offers so many aquatic activities in the park. One of drawbacks must be the admission ticket as it is not all-inclusive which means you need to pay extra for a certain number of activities. And I participated in one activity which was the Sea trek. Sea trek is an underwater activity and participants are required to wear a helmet which facilitates in getting rid of water meanwhile supplies oxygen for wearers. The participant is allowed to walk through the underwater corridor which is up to six meters under the sea to appreciate the marine lives. The Sea trek gives a chance to people who have barriers of scuba diving. It has thousands of tropical fish and a couple of gigantic turtles who passed around us during the walk. The Sea trek experience made my day and it gave me courage to attend more aquatic activities in the upcoming days. Another highlight of the Xcaret day trip was a signature night show which was offered daily at 7pm. And it is also the biggest show in Mexico about Mexican culture. Although I watched a lot of shows which represented its native culture, this night show was the one I was impressed at the most. The show was attractive for all types of visitors no matter what ages they were and all the actors and actresses were perfect in acting their roles.



Xel-Ha was the second theme park I visited which was also amazing as it had the longest underground waterway and the whole drift lasted for more than one hour. The park is amazing as it was built along the coast so the scenery is fabulous and it enables you to go snorkeling at the bay. And the best thing in Xel-Ha must be the admission ticket which is all-inclusive so you can enjoy the dinning and most of the aquatic activities. However, I highly recommend to pay extra money to do the Dolphin trek as it is such a wonderful experience. Dolphin trek is basically the same as the Sea trek and participants wear the same helmet and are able to touch the bodies of Dolphins. And dolphins are such incredible animals as they are extremely smart and friendly to humans. Participants can hug, shake hands, touch their bodies and teeth which is definitely an unforgettable experience. It was my first time to touch such a huge animal and I felt the skin of a dolphin was completely different than I had expected.  A dolphin’s skin is not smooth but the texture is slippery. Although they always listen to their trainer, I question often if they are overused and abused by the park owners for the purposes of making profit and money. I wondered after this experience whether or not they actually deserved a better life in the wild rather than feeding in an aquatic theme park.

Tips for Traveling in Cancun

Money: you better prepare both U.S dollars & Pesos. Although the U.S dollar is widely used in Mexico, Pesos tend to have a good rate in currency for local expenditures such as dining and shopping.

Skin protection: you must prepare lotions for UV protection to avoid sunburn and mosquito bites.

Money saving in accommodation: it is better to stay in hotels downtown during day trips and then move to the hotels zone for the last few days when staying beside the beach.


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