Unexpected Highlight of Jungle Island@Miami Beach-Lemur Experience


Day 4 at Miami Beach

I have a travel habit in which I always go to visit an aquarium or zoo in solo trips probably because I am a pet lover and I am passionate about animals. It is beneficial to spend a couple hours to stay with animals in a solo trip as you will be totally relaxed and amused by their happy faces. Although Miami has a huge outdoor aquarium which is far away to go to, I decided to visit Jungle Island instead during my second last day at Miami Beach.

A funny thing happened when the Uber driver asked me to confirm if the zoo was open to the public in the main gate as it didn’t have any visitors or even staff there. I felt regret in the beginning of the tour inside the zoo and I particularly had paid almost $50 dollars for the admission ticket to enter the zoo. The zoo looked old and it was pretty small because it only took me half an hour to walk around. I didn’t discover any special animals during my first round tour until I saw the lemur experience program in the gift shop next to the main entrance. Here is the tip: you are able to attend the Lemur experience program without an admission ticket for the zoo as it takes place in the gift shop which is located outside of the zoo. And this is the only Lemur experience in North America so don’t miss the opportunity to spend a while with one of the cutest animals in the world. Lemur is such an adorable species in the world with hairy fur and a long tail and that was why I paid another $50 dollars for the unique Lemur experience without any hesitation.


15 Minutes of Unique Experience

Since lemur is an endangered species in the world, I have never seen them before and there are so many lemur babies in Jungle Island. The breeder asked us to wash our hands before entering the room. I became very nervous when I was invited to sit on the desk after the feeder opened the door in allowing lemurs to get closer to us. Those lemurs babies became even more active when they were out of the cage. I was so scared in the beginning as they jumped onto my head and arms back and forth. I screamed and the breeder came to me and held them back to the floor.

I was so worried if lemur would bite or scratch but luckily, all of them were babies and they always played with us rather than attacking us. I got along well with those lemur babies after the breeder carried one of them into my arms and it was very calm. The lemur babies really enjoyed massages and we were invited to touch their bellies gently. I got encouraged by the breeder to touch its belly gently and I saw the lemur baby was very relaxed and enjoyed my massage. It was cute with its facial expressions and it even closed both of its eyes. It made me feel so good that the lemur baby trusted me completely. We had a chance to play with a couple of lemur babies and they had too much energy. The breeder told us that lemur was an endangered species and this experience was precious. I highly recommend any travelers who get a chance to visit Jungle Island must participate in this unique lemur experience.

15 minutes is not long enough but they couldn’t stay longer with us. I truly felt the beauty of those lemur babies because they were so friendly to us. Humans are able to do more for them but we didn’t. They deserve a better place to live in and we ought to offer an environmental habitat for any of the endangered species in our world.